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What Do You Know About Resources

Facts On Using Drug Implants To Beat Drug Addiction

Opioid receptor antagonists have been shown to be useful in treating drug opiate drug addiction. The opiate antagonists work by attaching to the opioid receptors that are located in the brain then blocking them thus opiate drugs do not have a place to attach. A known fact is that this means that the drug user will not feel effects associated with the regular opioid drugs and in the long run the desire to take the opioids will be diminished and eventually eliminated. The opioid antagonists block the brain pathways that release feel good hormones when an opioid is taken and they have been shown to be effective in decreasing the severity and frequency of a relapse.

One of the common opioid antagonists is given orally and it has to be taken on a daily basis so that the person can combat the effects of withdrawal from opiates and eventually recover.

Recent scientific findings have shown that the efficacy of this drug has been shown to increase if the person does not stick to the recommended dosage and thus to overcome this problem scientists have come up with an implant that is inserted to the lower abdomen and releases the drug in a controlled amount. By utilizing this mode of delivery issues such as forgetting to take the drug have been overcame thus the opiate addicted person can work on reducing their dependence on the drug in an almost passive manner.
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The procedure of inserting the implant is a simple one and only requires local anesthesia since it is just placed in the lower abdominal wall under local anesthesia. This drug is effective for three to six months depending on the kind of implant used. Both the capsule and the implant have the same mode of action which is by blocking the feelings brought about by taking opiates and it does this by binding to opiate receptors thus hindering the person from experiencing the normal high brought about when opiates are taken. This drug however has only been approved to be used in clinical settings in Russia. In other countries like America, Australia and the United Kingdom the use of the drug is only legalized in private rehab centers.
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The use of these opioid antagonists in Russia has been hampered by the fact that the drug is expensive and there is also no other supportive treatment methods that can be used together with the implant. Another demerit of the drug is that it is ineffective in combating cravings or the psychological problems associated with addiction to opiates.

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