Incredible Lessons I’ve Learned About Deals

Incredible Lessons I’ve Learned About Deals

On the Hunt for Cheap Airline Tickets

Shopping around has ceased to be the single magic trick for those looking for cheap airline tickets. Now, there’s a whole lot of other steps you can take to get hold of that dream ticket price.

As you get started on that search, remember the following:

1. It’s not all about booking early.
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Say a cheap airline has just come out with a great new route with extremely attractive ticket prices. How do you actually grab those tickets? You’ll be surprised it’s not always about booking early. What’s more important is checking the prices regularly. Airlines can reduce ticket prices any time prior to a flight. Therefore, when it comes to regular ticket prices, it may be best to book two or three weeks before your flight date, depending on where you plan to go. Bear in mind as well that airfare sales are often only for flights within the next few weeks or months, although from time to time, discounted tickets may be valid for a whole year.
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2. Don’t simply show up at the airport.

Just because there are so many empty seats for a certain flight doesn’t mean the airline will pull down ticket prices just to fill them. There’s a possibility you’ll get a last-minute discount, but unless your schedule is extremely flexible, just book ahead to be safe.

3. Be friends with your airline.

No one likes spam, but signing up for airline newsletters will give you the advantage of knowing about their best deals ahead of everybody. And since airlines are also very active on social media, you should subscribe to their pages or feeds as well. This can be particularly helpful to frequent fliers.

4. Single does it.

Many people find it hard to believe that two separate single tickets can turn out to be less expensive together, than the usual round-trip booking, but it’s true! Maybe not all the time, certainly, it’s worth checking. An additional benefit of separate ticket bookings is being able depart and arrive at different airports.

5. Fly from your nearest airport.

If you live within a few miles from a major airport, don’t rule out other smaller departure points that might be nearby. Rather than flying from San Francisco, for example, why not make it Oakland? You’ll be amazed by the savings you get.

6. Sit down and give it time.

Lastly, when looking for cheap airline tickets, know that you need to give it time. Not that long however, but you do need to spend at least a few minutes online. Many people are a few clicks short of saving a lot of money on their airline tickets, if only they were patient enough to explore some more.

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