Engineering without Math

Engineering without Math

Many high school students and young adults are certain that their passion is pointing them to become an engineer, only to discover that the program entails a huge amount of math. Unfortunately, unless you are gifted with numbers, an engineering degree or pursuing one will be nothing but frustrating. But the good news is that there are plenty of other career paths that you can follow to enjoy many of the same tasks and use many of the same skills that an engineer does. Click here to learn more about the great opportunities that you might enjoy.

There are many different types of engineers and many job fields that will offer you the same challenges, skills and sense of accomplishment without the need for four years of additional math courses. Civil engineers work on many of the same projects as construction and contracting workers do. Electrical engineers perform many of the same tasks that an electrician does. Computer engineering is very similar to hardware repair so that might be a great choice if you are passionate about technology. And working in a lab as a technician will have you working side by side with chemical engineers. And an added benefit to selecting these other vocations is that many technical fields are currently lacking qualified technician applicants.

If you possess attention to detail, are good at time management and have strong people skills then there is always a need for good engineering project managers. You will be working with engineers in a broader scope and ensuring that the projects remain on schedule and are completed within the contract specifications.

An interest in engineering without a strong math background could make pursuing an engineering degree frustrating and difficult. But applying your desire, interest and additional skills to a career path that manages or contributes to engineering projects is a great option for a rewarding career. Click here to learn more about all of your options in related fields.


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