Cycling and child

Cycling and child

Cycling in general is a fun job for every child, since the bike is considered as one of the basic toys that every parent purchases for his child. The use of the bicycle as a toy can take place in the permanent home as well as during the summer holidays of each family. In order to make a simple walk, safety rules and the use of necessary equipment by both parents and children must be adhered to. It has been shown that children aged 7-12 are particularly prone to accidents, so child’s safety should be of particular concern to parents in order to have responsible and properly trained future drivers. Children of this age are also characterized by a lack of basic driving skills and parenting guidance at one of the nearby and safe parks in the area where they live, are considered to be ideal areas for learning and familiarizing yourself with the bike.

Then we will mention the basic rules that children should know as well as information that will make the child’s occupation with the bike enjoyment offering him unforgettable fun.

The size of the bicycle

 Parents should be aware that the size of the bicycle is one of the most important factors for safe driving especially for young children. Driving a bicycle particularly tall or low for the height and age of the child as well as a particularly heavy bicycle creates problems of balance and possible cause of an accident. The same rule also applies to parents.

How do I adjust the bike relative to my height?

For small ages, the rider should be able to sit on the saddle of the bicycle, leaning both feet on the ground with stretched legs. If the child improves his / her balance and driving ability, the bicycle saddle may gradually rise upward by improving the pedaling ability.

While we ride, the foot should never be full. At the point where the foot has the largest distance from the child’s body, a small angle is formed in the knee joint.

The hands should come in contact with the steering wheel in a very easy way, having of course the ideal driving position.

Basic security rules

Continuous guidance and control by an adult person especially for children under the age of nine. Most children of this age do not have developed driving skills of this level to ride unattended.Make sure that children are taught and understand safe driving rules before they are allowed to drive without supervision

Motorways are always dangerous for children. If we are going to cross it vertically, we will have to check the road safely by looking first left and then right and in no case without the guidance of an experienced adult.For safety reasons, children should be able to touch the ground with their treads as they drive, with ease at all times if necessary.

Necessary equipment


All the experts asked what the safety of bicycle riding depended on naturally responded naturally to the helmet. The size and use of the protective cycling helmet is considered to be an indispensable equipment of the young cyclist who has been shown to be injured in the head in a particularly easy way due to lack of driving experience and lack of awareness of the risks involved. For their part, parents should stick to this rule and encourage their children to use the helmet.

The helmet must fit perfectly into the child’s head to provide safety. If parents can not make the necessary helmet settings, they will have to resort to the store that bought it to explain the ideal way of adjusting them. Under no circumstances should the helmet move left, right, forward or behind the child’s head while riding. It should be adjusted in such a way as to apply It should be adjusted in such a way that it firmly applies the child’s head to the front and there is a gap up to the eyebrows of about three centimeters. As much as the helmet market seems to be, it is considered to be very responsible for one that should fit perfectly into the head of the user.

In the event of a child’s fall, we should then check the degree of damage to the helmet. Sometimes the damage is not obvious to the eye and in a possible new fall did not protect the child as it should. It is better to change the helmet if we are not sure about the child’s safety after falling.

If the young cyclist is less than five years old, we should pay particular attention to the helmet market in order to meet the safety standards for children of this age.

As a responsible parent, you should check your child’s protective helmet frequently. Marking points should be checked thoroughly from the inside point to determine the condition of the protective material.

Finally, you should be aware that the helmet has been shown to reduce the risk of head injury by up to 88%.

Correct bicycle market

The Copenhagen Bike Company bicycle market is essentially the first major step in buying a moving vehicle that besides entertainment and pleasure represents a series of risks if some basic rules are not met.

The first risk occurs before the child enters the bike and concerns the purchase of the bicycle by the parents. This happens when parents buy a relatively higher bicycle than the child’s height and biological age in order to avoid future waste of money by buying a taller bicycle.

It is sensible for parents to think in this way but they should primarily consider the safety of their child. In these cases, parents should at least create favorable driving conditions through the purchase of ancillary components such as smaller steering wheel, better seat adjustment,  to facilitate driving and provide a higher safety margin when driving.

In other cases, the Copenhagen Bike Company bicycle of the older child “passes” into the hands of the youngest. In these cases, the risks are greater than in the case of a relatively tall and heavy bicycle, and we have a poorly maintained bicycle, resulting in a doubling of the likelihood of accidents.

To avoid a possible mistake, the child should be present on the bicycle market. Store tips in relation to the size of the bicycle that suits each child should be taken seriously by parents.

Rules of safe cycling

We always use a special protective cycling helmet

We never let children drive at night

We do not hear music with headphones  when driving the bike

Safe driving requires the use of both hands

We do not drive behind bulky parked vehicles.

Driving a bicycle on rainy days should be strictly avoided

During driving, the look should be constantly facing in front of you in order to understand the obstacles that exist in the course

Finally, children should inform their parents who are about to move or play on their bicycle.

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