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Launch of an Evangelical Television channel with Chris Oyakhilome

Launch of an Evangelical Television channel with Chris Oyakhilome

Christian Background

Globally known as the head of Christ Embassy and Believers love world Inc. Chris Oyakhilome is a man of God and an excellent preacher of the true gospel of Christ Jesus. He is a Spiritual man, whose oiled supremacy shove an international ministry. As a Preacher, he is determined to spread the gospel of Christ to every part of the world, a service he delivers with a passion through the influence of the Holy Spirit. Apart from serving in the church, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has other titles and duties. Firstly, he is a teacher of the gospel who will stop at naught to see all the creation in the world come to the familiarity of a beautiful life in Christ Jesus the King. Through him, millions experience a productive and dedicated life in God’s word. Secondly, he is counted among the bestselling authors in the whole world. One example of his works is “Rhapsody of Realities,” a world’s number one religious masterpiece, which spread all over the world in more than eighty dialects. Also, more than half a billion copies circulated worldwide. Thirdly, he is a healing chief in the ministry which operates like a civic school of healing. The remedial is a real manifest of the healing workings of Jesus Christ, in our society today. Many have received their healing by the help of the Holy Spirit bestowed upon Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Lastly, the man of God is also a television host. Some years back in 2003, he established the first 24-hour Christian Cable Television Net grinning from Africa to the world as a whole.This founding has established various satellite stations counting, LoveWorldTV in the UK. The man of God has served in the Gospel ministry for not less than thirty years.

About Christ Embassy Church

Christ Embassy is an intercontinental ministry where the Holy Spirit rules.It is more than just a religious place the truth is, it is a vision of God, where His word takes root. Chris Oyakhilome articulates that in this church you study more than just statistics actually, the Church is a Spirit of the word where the Holy Spirit takes control of your life. In here, the plan of God is disclosed not only in your life but also for others to understand and know the real sense of God’s word through you. In Embassy church, they portray the character of the Holy Spirit, and the believers have an aim of spreading the manifestation of God to the rest of the world.

Launch of LoveWorld USA TV station

The launch comes as good news to the American Christians and believers in the world as a whole. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome in collaboration with Pastor Benny Hinn has a plan to launch a cable television project come next month in July. The television cable will be named as Love World USA, through this channel many people from America to the whole world will be able to witness the mighty works of God. The … Read More

Four Ways Social Media Can Help You Get a Job in Great Company like Godrej

Four Ways Social Media Can Help You Get a Job in Great Company like Godrej

Social media is one of the best platforms in order to boost your job search. With the help of this platform, one can find the dream job he or she was looking for. Showcasing your career and personality on the social media will promote you and you may end up getting your dream job.

But if you are not aware how to spin your social networking profile into an online resume, then here are four ways in which social media can help you in getting a desired job, especially in a great company like Godrej:

  • Highlight Professional Networks

There are several social media platforms that can help you showcase your networks. But make sure that your group sends the right messages. Keep in mind that you should belong to a professional group on such sites. Your college group too plays a vital role in showcasing your academic career. Working and networking groups are also very important because employers check for it very keenly before selecting a candidate. Suppose you have already started a career in Godrej and are looking for a better job, you need to ensure that you have a good networking group from Godrej on your social media profile – preferably your seniors like team leads or project managers who can vouch for your professionalism. This rating can be in your favour for earning a good job.

  • Don’t Be Afraid of Technology

Being active in social media shows that you care about your professional reputation and you are updated with technology. You need not be an expert, but involving in the latest trend shows that you are comfortable with the latest advancements. Social media sites are the places where you can try something innovative, like creating a board for your work profile and pinning pictures of your college, last worked company, team outing etc., which will attract the potential recruiter towards your profile.

  • Get Social

Always be free to open up. If you have some good experience related to any brand, feel free to share your feelings online through these platforms. This may increase your chances of getting an interview call. If you feel like giving some positive feedback, respond to them about your experience and go bigger in appreciating them. This may give you big reward for sure. If you network a lot with other peers from the company where you’d like to switch to, it can be really helpful when you appear for interview.

  • Show Off Your Work

In today’s world, no one has the time to go through your paper resume bit by bit to know about you. Your digital resume is more important than the paper one for sure. Social media sites give you the power to upload photos, articles, and even presentations on your online portfolio, which may catch the eye of a potential recruiter. If you had previously chosen a career in Godrej, you can upload pictures of your company, your team mates etc. or post articles on the social media site … Read More

Tips for College Freshman

Tips for College Freshman

Have you just graduated from High School and have plans to enter college in the fall? Congratulations are definitely in order for your hard work, self-discipline and ability to set and meet goals. This is an exciting time full of celebrations yet no doubt coupled with a bit of anxiety. Your family, teachers and peers are all congratulating you and wishing you well this fall. It’s a period of huge change. Leaving the school where you’ve developed friendships and memories over the years, leaving home for an area most likely unknown to you and embarking on a rigorous degree program.  Follow these recommendations from the college admissions counselors to ensure your first semester in college is a huge success.

The summer will no doubt be spent making lists and packing for your first semester. If you’ve been matched with a roommate, reach out to him or her to begin establishing a relationship and determine who will be bring what shared items to the dorm such as a microwave or rug.

Because the volume of information for each college course is substantially higher than high school courses, falling behind or missing class can be dangerous. Commit to meeting each of your professors during their office hours the first week of school to simply introduce yourself. If you do run into difficulties with the material and need assistance, you’ll be much more comfortable reaching out to them if you’ve already established a rapport.

Take these next four years to explore different classes, groups and organizations that are unfamiliar to you. College is a wonderful opportunity to experience new things and new people. Remind yourself that the friends you chose are a reflection of who you are. Choose your friends wisely. Take advantage of the great deals offered by Groupon coupons and commitment to staying in top physical shape by joining one of the many 24HourFitness facilities on or near campus.

Finally, stay in contact with your support system back home. They’re anxious to hear about your experiences and the new life you’re building for yourself. They were no doubt instrumental in helping you with your journey through high school that enabled you to attend the university. Best of luck to you for a successful freshman year!… Read More

How to make long-lasting sex

How to make long-lasting sex

Satisfaction of the wife on the bed is everything for a husband, a man would not be satisfied if his wife has not weakened during lovemaking. Even sometimes a husbands minder if penis erection can not last long while having sex, for that many men looking for a solution to intercourse / make love lasting for hours until the wife is satisfied and weak.
For that we will provide tips for you so that the relationship can last long. Here’s how long-lasting sex you can use to satisfy your wife:
The mind controls the body:
Therefore think that you are king in bed. Do not think that you will get out quickly. Your mind can not last long in the room will happen if you keep thinking about it, because stress can not last long.
Way no less important for long-lasting sex
The First Way Try to think of something other than sex
If your penis has already felt orgasm, ejaculation or already in the end of horns immediately divert your mind and try to think of other things like your work that you have not completed office or any other important can make you lose sense & concentration for ejaculation. Trivial whilst this is already proven. Ga believe? just try it
The 2nd way Do not miss doing Foreplay / heating
Perhaps most of us do not realize that foreplay / warming can be used as a way to make love durable. Whereas this foreplay the law is MANDATORY and should not be missed! Why ??? Because the longer time you spend doing Foreplay will make your partner feel more on the cloud and you last longer sex.
How to 3 Change your sex position
Changing the position of lovemaking when you begin to feel orgasm is also one way to make your love can last long. But this is a good thing to give time to rest and relax. There’s nothing wrong with your way to change the sex position to get a different sensation than usual. There are several positions that you can try to make love durable
In the man on top position, if you feel you will get an orgasm, reduce your puncture speed, do a slow but deep puncture. Or if necessary, pull out your genitals temporarily, and use your fingers to stimulate women for a while. It can make love will be more resistant
In other positions, if you feel you will get an orgasm, press the base of your genitals with your hands for some time (seconds, 2-3 seconds) it can stop ejaculation and you can last longer sex.
The 4th way uses long lasting anti-premature ejaculation drugs natural hammer of thor.
The most effective and proven way to make love for hours is the hammer of thor. Hammer of thor is a water-based herbal formula made from extracts and native plant sap without preservatives or chemicals. Unlike other herbal remedies that are sometimes mixed with preservatives, to preserve the fluid.
By … Read More

How to make the best use of time during SSC Exam

How to make the best use of time during SSC Exam

For an examinee the SSC exam is the most precious exam for his lifetime career. So here the time is more valuable than his life. For the same you need to make the best use of time as soon as he finds the SSC exam to be closer to you. You need to follow the SSC suggestions and studying guidelines thus you can hope for success I mean get good GPA in the SSC result 2017. When the SSC examination comes to closer then you have to budget your time for studying according to the SSC routine.

Your each effort will provide you good amount of time for studying. Besides if you are concentrating on your study properly then you can finish your each subject soon. You should not waste your time taking a difficult subject. If you have any problem in understanding a subject then does not waste your time to cope with that. You have to wait till your private tutor comes to teach you then you have to show the problem to your teacher. Try to complete high marks subjects at first so that you can get good marks easily from a short time studying.

Many students waste their time in playing and gossiping with their friends while their SSC exam is near at hand. But you should not be like them and take each second and minute of watch as a precious moment for your studying. If you are invited to watch movies or playing games then you should immediate remove the proposal of your friends. Thus you will find yourself a sensitive and responsible examinee of SSC. Every time you have to keep yourself busy and defense all types of things that makes you annoyed in studying or waste your time also.

You should go to take private tutor or coaching so that you can easily complete your lesson for SSC exam. You may not be able to make the best or proper use of time so you should take fast decision for taking advance tuitions. At home you may have different types of problems to keep concentration on your study. If you are really facing such type of situation then you will lose huge time in studying. So find out a better solution and keep a watch on your studying table. So you will be able to complete you study easily.… Read More